December 2, 2013 GM post 1

Upon crossing the Vast desert northwards, a massive storm hits, unlike any you have ever seen. In order to survive, you need to take shelter from the chunks of hail and lightning. The surrounding area provides very little cover with no trees, sparse stunted bushes, which are just visible over the horizon, leaving little probability of getting there before the storm strikes. There are several holes in the ground, some small, probably snake holes or the like; and others larger, some even humanoid size.

Upon scanning the horizon, you notice a large hill. Upon briefly pondering why such a hill would be standing in the middle of a desert, you look further and notice what looks like the top of a tower sticking out of the north-most side on top. If memory serves you, you recognize it as Hightower, however you cannot quite remember what purpose it served, or whether or not it is currently being used by anyone or anything.

With the storm a very few hours away, you have a decision to make: Try to weather the storm in a sizable hole and face it’s inhabitants, or make haste to the Hightower for the safest route in terms of the storm, but potentially more dangerous in terms of inhabitants.


Go to Hightower

December 2, 2013 GM post 1
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